Mountain Hut Gruttenhütte

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2015 – Erasmus Student project – Munich

A project of Gruttenhutte hut is located in a mountainous area of Austrian alps. Situated on 1620 meters above the sea level, it offers magnificent views over the valley and mountains. Area consists of five related buildings with different programs. The main building is an existing mountain hut with accommodation and dinning facilities. The hut shall be maintained, the other two neighbor buildings are removed.

That way we get a free central area on a hill, which is our microlocation for the construction. The placement of the new building on the location is being dictated by various factors. The most important two are certainly: the magnificent views over the valley and the existence of different hiking trails and access roads. The new building is situated on the place of the removed buildings, perpendicularly to the contour lines of the terrain. That way the combination of the old and the new forms a courtyard, which directs the views over the valley.

The main dominant feature of the location is the existing hut. Because of that is the new
building smaller and more subtly embedded in the space. The rear of the building is dug into the ground and offers the possibility of direct access from the first floor. The front part of it hangs over the terrain and offers a covered space for visitors.

The main architectural feature of the building is a passage way through the buildings volume. It has been designed in order to continue the existing hiking paths on one hand and to provide a shelter and dry access to the building on the other hand. The passage way also divides the building into a different programmatic zones. On the back side of the building, we can find all the rooms for the manager and on the front part, there are accommodation facilities and a conference room. In this way, users don’t mix with
each other, which provides a smooth operation of the building and ensures short and logical paths.



gruttenhutte3 gruttenhutte2 gruttenhutte1 facade2 facade1 detailrender2 render1 gruttenhutte7 gruttenhutte6 gruttenhutte5

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