Revitalization of Abandoned Construction Site

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architecture, renovation

2015 – Student project

The unfinished project of an office building on Dalmatinova street in Ljubljana, is the silent witness of the economic crisis in Slovenia and big challenge for spatial planning in the city. The project is now built only to the first floor and is because of that a degrading element in urban environment.

Main topics of the research on this project were: generating a diverse program, flexibility of the protective structure and low price in combination with sustainable materials. The project is designed in a way that opens up a variety of possibilities regarding the program and enables the widest possible use of space, given the small investment input.

The proposed solution in no way changes the already built concrete skeleton. Protective structure consists of three, to the floor mounted construction cranes which are functioning as a main construction to the cantilevered roof. The whole solution is based on understanding that this structure is something temporary, so all the materials can be moved to the new site and reused.



gradbisce5 gradbisce4 gradbisce3 gradbisce2

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