Social Container Housing

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architecture, social, urbanism

2013 – Student project – Coauthor: Rok Žurbi

The main goal was to create an affordable and innovative residential solution for younger people, looking for their first apartment. The residential area was designed in accordance with their residents, creating a sustainable, green and safe environment. The main idea was to minimize the costs by using innovative building technologies, but keeping the floor area of the apartments relatively high. The decision on cheap building technologies brought us to the container housing solution which is cost-efficient, structurally strong, weather resistant and quite easy to transform into apartment units.

In order to keep the costs low, we designed two types of apartment units and one type of sanitation unit, which can be put together in various ways. That creates a great diversity of possible residential typologies that can be organized in different locations. On a given location, we designed two types of residential units: individual apartments and shared apartments. The main difference is in redefinition of private and public spaces as we know. Shared apartments are the cheapest solution, because the residents share kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, gardens and only have private sleeping cells. That way we want to encourage a residential mobility among young people and create am open-minded, ecological and economical society.


the concept


community typology


individual typology





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