The Rising Vision

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2015 – Erasmus Student project – Munich

Tower has always been a symbol of height and dominance. The main function of it, is to give a view over specific location from the higher point. The tower in it’s essential meaning, can be therefore understood as a machine, which enables us an observation from a different point of view, different perspective and because of that also gives us a better idea of a space. In our contextual project, we would like to emphasize different experiences, that are already present on this location. Many times we are not able to sense everything that the location has to offer. Can we feel the wind on the location? Can we hear the birds singing? How do we feel the trees around us? Are we able to understand the nature around us?

Our goal is to show to the visitors a variety of experiences, which will be represented in different ways. The representation of different senses is going to play a vital role in our design. We understand this tower as the machine, which is totally exposed from the outside and serves the function. Two strong walls are dividing the location into two parts: the river part and the city part. The darker interior space is filled with stairs which are leading us through the tower. On the way up, we are going through different rooms and spaces, which are designed in order to emphasize one of the experiences. That way we are slowly getting prepared for the open roof top floor, where the unlimited 360 degrees view is on the display.


fasada situacijaprerez A in situacijaprerez B in tloris


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