Art Cinema

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architecture, urbanism

2016 – Student project

Film is a special kind of art that combines literature, music, dance and theater art. We can understand it as one of the most compelling creative arts, which can show us both reality and imagination. It is also one of the most popular and available forms of entertainment.

The main spatial concept of a contemporary movie experience is tightly connected with the role of the movie theater. A cinema as a place to watch movies has had a a very different role throughout the history. In the recent decades a new trend of so called art cinemas has emerged. Those movie theaters are focused on more demanding audience, offering them a variety of non-commercial movies.

A cinema is nowadays not just a place with the hall, where you can watch a movie, but it is increasingly becoming a cultural and educational center, with a variety of different additional programs. Therefore I have design a movie theater, which I understand as an open public place, where different events can take place. It is a meeting place intended not only for those who would like to watch a movie, but also to attract random visitors who would just like to drink a cup of coffee and spend a moment of their free time.

All of the above mentioned aspects of the cinema, have served me as a solid foundation for the final solution. The cinema building is designed as an open public space, which communicates with the surrounding streets and invites visitors to enter the building. It is situated in the city center of Ljubljana on Nazorjeva street, where a new cultural heart of the town is being planned. There are four different theater halls that are spirally connected on different levels. The main communication leads the visitors from a central entrance area towards the conference center and a roof-top coffee with panoramic views. The communication is designed in a way, that connects all the entrance areas of the halls as well as the additional program like a library or a children’s playground in order to mix different visitors.


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