Lighthouse Hotel

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architecture, competition

2016 – Competition Entry – Coauthors: Jona Rak Koceli, Anže Briški

The lead concept in designing Landscape Hotel was the question of how to install new object into the brutal nature, which does not overshadow the surroundings but complements it. In some way we wanted to create subtle contact with the nature but on the other hand make an impression that the new architecture grows form the landscape itself. Architecture which offers the whole new experience to the visitor, with its openness and connection to the nature. When visiting, the guest feels the wind, heat and hears the sound of the waves. A person perceives the cliff beach in a whole new, primal way.

Our main goal was to keep the nature as it is, untouched and unrefined, we even wanted to enhance the beautiful landscape. In this framework we organized everything what is needed for a fully functioning hotel complex. The lighthouse, as the main focus point, was not modified, inside there is organized small reception area with administration offices and small open bar, that is used only for check-in and check-out. Despite the new program Italian navy can still use it without any interference with guests.

Other two existing objects are transformed into an exhibition area and into a kitchen with new dinning volume, which is added to the building without harming the existing.

The fall of the terrain is used for designing new volume with hotel rooms. This way the Lighthouse keeps the dominant role of the location. We have specifically focused on the privacy of the rooms.

Each room has two diametrical spaces, one is orientated toward the sea and functions as a balcony and the other is orientated toward the rocky terrain and functions as a dark atrium. The first one offers beautiful views to the sea, and the other creates shaded relaxing space in hot summer days. The access to the room is arranged through the roof, which serves also as a panoramic platform where people can interact with each other. The dilation of the roof and double orientation of the units allow natural ventilation and create complete comfort throughout the whole year. The units are designed for one, two and three persons, which enables peaceful and quiet experience in the Landscape hotel. Nature as the key component of the hotel is also considered/taken into the account while designing small surrounding interventions. There are three main paths designed, used as main access elements to the three volumes: lighthouse, restaurant and ho-
tel. Our intervention suggests to the visitors to walk freely around the green and rocky landscape, and to experience the nature individually.

Architecture, which is not focused on form, but rather gives a tactile experience – addresses all our senses – is the answer, subtly incorporated to our Lighthouse hotel project.



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